Working in partnership with Leeds Beckett University.

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LBU and JHR have teamed up as local enterprises with a shared common interest, which is to better align graduate expectations for employment and opportunities available for Graduate hires. The aim is to improve aligned thinking for our future generations.

So far, we have uncovered that there can be some misalignments between what opportunities are available with employers and what University Graduates expectations are and we’ve identified a need for improved awareness and education amongst upcoming graduates, to better prepare them for the world of work and what opportunities are available to them.

Together, we are working on a joint ongoing programme to deliver guidance, coaching and education to the students at LBU, as well as insights to Leeds-local employers to develop long-term business growth and engagement strategies.

Interested in the resources provided or want to take part in our local employer projects? Reach out to our colleagues Becki or Davina on 0113 233 7760 for more information.


Becki Hume