Tech-enhanced temporary recruitment .

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While the pandemic had a lot to answer for, it did prompt the biggest acceleration in digital transformation our country has ever seen across workplaces in the UK. Our business was no different, and as a result saw a transformation in more effective and efficient temporary workforce management through the use of technology.

We developed our own online portal accessible via our website, which allows complete access and control for our temporary workers and clients to manage weekly timesheets (and much more!) at a click of a button. No more paper-signed timesheets or email trails to get authorisation.

What else?
• Digital registration for all candidates with continuous access to their profile to update documents/details as necessary.
• Temporary workers have instant chat access to their consultant via their online portal.
• E-signed employment contracts for all workers including digital P46s.
• Full digital identity / right to work checks managed in house by our compliance team.
• Online timesheet approval which automatically pulls through to client invoices.
• All employment references managed, captured and stored digitally.
• Online payslips and P45s for all our temporary workers.

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Andrea Lee

Senior Consultant