Our green approach to recruitment.

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As part of our commitment to developing a more sustainable working environment, we’ve partnered with Tree-nation and are growing our own Jo Holdsworth Recruitment Forest in Tanzania.

We plant new trees monthly on behalf of the clients and candidates that work with us each month. That means when you work with us and secure a new job or employee a new colleague, you’re directly supporting the growth of our forest in Africa!

Our commitment to sustainable working:
• We will only ask you to travel for in person interviews where it’s necessary, in most instances, unless you would prefer to see us in person, your interviews with our team will be remote.
• We work from home for part of the week and by engaging with the travel plan network it means our colleagues have access to sustainable travel solutions for their commute, for when we are in the office.
• We are a paperless office and with the help of dual monitors we no longer need to print for cross checking purposes.
• Electronic CVs – Our investment in technology means our registration process is completely digital and we don’t require paper CV’s.
• Electronic timesheets – Equally, we’ve digitalised our temp timesheet process, so all our colleagues and their hiring managers have the ability to complete their weekly timesheets and submit back to us at a click of a button.


Davina Cooke

Director Executive Search